Reclaim Your Body, Firm Up That Tummy and Learn The Essential Methods To Long Term Success in our Live Online Post Baby Kick-Start


Begin your journey of getting your body back in shape with a small group of like-minded mums without leaving the comfort of your own home.


Recognize any of the following:

– I want to exercise but don’t know where to start

– I wish that I could join a group who are going through the same things

– I often start exercising but I am never consistent

– Is the exercise that I want to do safe?


Well now Yummy Tummies has come up with the solution.

We have just launched Post Baby Kick-start, the small group coaching system you can do in the luxury of your own home.


So what is it?


The Post Baby Kick-start is a six-week programme where you have an online meeting once a week to set goals, measure progress from the previous week and educate you so that you have all the tools you need to get in shape, lose the baby belly and feel great again.


Over the six-week period you get:

– Weekly online meeting so that we can check on your progress, set your specific goals for the following week and also make sure that you are doing the work 😉

– Education. A specific topic will be covered each week so that you can build your knowledge bit by bit and also apply this knowledge into your lifestyle.  The topics range from nutritional requirements and eating for health to hormonal effect of interrupted sleep and the correct exercise progressions to flatten your post baby tummy.

– Exercise diaries to complete to make sure that you keep having in the right direction

– Food diaries to keep track of just how good you are being and to keep track of when you are not so good

– A private Facebook group to share struggles, successes, ideas and any else you want to chat about while you go through the programme.


I see this programme as an education process which I’ll give you all the tools you need to make the changes that you want to your body not just over this six week period but as far as you want to take it.


The education component is a huge part as I want you to take as much away from this programme as possible.

The education side will include:

Accountability: so that you do the work!

Goal setting: how to make goals that actually mean something so that you will achieve

Nutrition: we cut through all the crap that is actually out there so you can make some real progress with real results

Exercise: by starting with the correct exercises done in the right way you will get results without trashing your body

Sleep deprivation and how best to overcome it…enough said.


If this sounds like something you need right now, then cool, click on the link below to complete an application form…


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Yes there is an application process.




Because I only want people who are willing to do what it takes to get in shape. Also, because there is only six places I don’t want someone to miss out who is really keen to do it in place of someone who is simply going along for the ride.


So who is it for?

– People who are prepared to do the work required

– People who really want the results

– People who can be focused over this six-week period


Who is it not for?

Lazy people…just being honest J

– People who sign up for something and expect miracles to happen…sorry, no miracle creams here.


So who am I and why should you trust me?


As the saying goes, never trust anyone that says trust me.

But here is a little bit about me anyway…


My name is Lyndon Littlefair. If you google me you will probably find that there are no crazy stories about me on the Internet. Not that I know of anyway.


Basically I have been helping mums get back in shape for the past two decades. I believe in taking the best knowledge from all sorts of sources. I could list all my qualifications from my Physical Education degree to my numerous amounts of studies or the hundreds of books that I have read.

But to be honest it is all about using this knowledge that I have to communicate it to you in a way that is going to be helpful to you.


Yes I have trained various celebrities but on the whole they are just people. I could name drop to try to impress you but that is not my scene. So judge me not by the people I train, but by the results I can provide for you.


So that is it. I train people. I just happen to be pretty bloody good at identifying where someone is at, understanding where they want to get to and devising a plan to help them to get there.


And this is where you come in.

If you want help and are prepared to do the work, then I want to work with you.


So how much does this all cost?


£597 for the six week programme


If you want the essential tools that will help you to recover, firm up your body and take control of that tummy then click the link below.

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New course start each month, so apply now to get on the waiting list for the next course.


Any questions can be sent to me here…


By the way, here is what a few people have to say about me and what I do…


“Along with the ecstasies of new motherhood comes the startling new vision of yourself from the neck down. This is not a time for bootcamps and bullying but for a careful reawakening and resumption of control. Lyndon Littlefair is absolutely meticulous in his carefully considered approach which puts you perfectly back in touch with your body.  With so much nonsense out there about the post pregnancy body battles, Lyndon is a wise and often refreshingly honest and funny ally.”

Kate Reardon

Editor of Tatler

Mother of Twins


“I use Lyndon to refer my more complicated patients, those with a history of back pain or spinal surgery.  Lyndon is very good at finding the weaker muscles and working on them specifically to strengthen the core or an injured area before progressing onto more vigorous exercises.   As an osteopath I find this particularly important as I see many patients who injure themselves through poor training and want to continue training – Lyndon has the knowledge to do this well.”

Simone Ross
Structural and Cranial Osteopath
Kane and Ross Clinics


“Lyndon has given me a series of exercises to do to specifically targeting my abdominals and pelvic floor muscles which were weak and stretched after carrying twins (my third and fourth children). The exercises are starting to help and Lyndon is always full of encouragement and helpful pointers. He is meticulous about how I do each exercise and is very knowledgable about the body post pregnancy. Although it feels like an enormous challenge I feel that Lyndon will be able to help me get my tummy back with time.”

Jess, 33 Mum of 4


“My obstetrician suggested I visit Lyndon if I wanted to try via exercise to close an almost two finger abdominal separation I was left with after two c sections within 18 months of each other. I didn’t manage to make it to my first session with Lyndon until 11 months after the birth of my second child, seven weeks in (four training sessions later) I wish I had made the visit so much sooner!! Lyndon gave me a thorough ‘whole body MOT’ in my first session and sent me away with 20 minutes of daily abdominal exercises specifically tailored to closing my separation. These exercises targeted muscles I didn’t even realise I had despite being a keen gym go-er. I am only seven weeks in and my separation is all but closed. I have lower abdominal strength I didn’t realise was possible. And to top it all off I feel really pretty good putting on a bikini again two children later!! I would also add Lyndon is a thoroughly nice and genuine chap to spend time with. I am delighted with the results and determined to keep my new found abdominal strength!”

Hannah Wilcock, 34 Mum of 2



“Lyndon has worked consistently with me for nearly 8 years and I recommend him highly. He is great on detail and techniques, which has done wonders for my core stability. As a woman I was a little unsure about working with a male trainer, but he has shown real understanding and expertise as I’ve tried to get my fitness levels back after the birth of each of my two children. He is always warm and positive, which I find really helps.”

Fran, 38 Mum of two



“I have trained with many different people over the years and tried all sorts of different approaches but eventually settled down to a daily run and a self devised gym routine. However, following the birth of my twins, the battle to return to a pre pregnancy shape was just too much and I turned to Lyndon for expert help. We met by chance but I am extremely grateful for it as I have never encountered a trainer who is as genuinely passionate about and thirsty for knowledge in his field as Lyndon. His expertise is quickly evident and his calm confident manner leaves you feeling relaxed in his hands and ready to get to grips with the training. Rest assured that this is a man who knows that dedication and hard work are the only real way to achieving results but what becomes clear very quickly is that every movement is precisely calculated so you don’t ever feel that you are being thrown on to a treadmill just to kill another 10 minutes. Lyndon’s approach is to focus on the body as a whole, including nutrition and aches and pains so that nothing is targeted in isolation. I cant recommend him highly enough but, as with any trainer or exercise program, the hard work does still have to come from you. Bring that to the session and Lyndon will get you to where you want to be.

Polly, 35 Mum of twins



“Lyndon is incredibly detailed! I started seeing him some 5 years ago after having had three children. My body was out of shape then at the age of 41 and I suffered from repeated back problems due to the repeatedly wrong posture carrying the three children on the same hip. It didn’t take long for my body to regain shape. But instead of quitting then with Lyndon once the simplest seemed to be accomplished I increased my visits with him to twice a week. We are working not only on my staying fit but my gaining even more fitness. It feels incredibly good to look slim at my age and to have that drive that keeps me going. But it’s even more with Lyndon, he is an inspiration to accelerate in fitness which again feels even better. I’m 100% sure that I would look pretty awful and in no way would I have the energy that I have now to take life as it comes if I had stopped with my sessions with Lyndon. He is the best solution for having to cope with having to go to the gym above 40. I am really happy that I met him 5 years ago. His attention to detail in fixing my numerous weekly little health problems is fantastic!”

Ursula, 40 ish Mum of three



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