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Find out how Mums are firming and tightening their bodies, feeling great about themselves again and re-discovering their energy levels without spending hours in the gym.

Recognise any of the following?

  • Don’t recognise the person in the mirror
  • Can’t do half the things you used to do before your baby
  • Doing the simplest of things is a huge effort
  • Frustrated at not being able to make any progress
  • Overwhelmed with trying to juggle everything that you don’t find any time for you
  • Don’t know where to start

This is unfortunately the starting point for a lot of mums. There is so much information out there, but knowing which is right for you is just a minefield.

And the pressure!

It seems that every celebrity in the magazines bounce back to their pre-baby body in about 5 minutes, no make that 4 minutes, no make that…

The pressure that mums place themselves under to try to get back to the level they were pre-baby is crazy.

And you?

Are you the same?

I think at this point in time there is just too much pressure to do this and do that. Of course if you had seven more pairs of hands then that would be amazing. But that is just not the case. Well I hope not anyway.

So how about let Club Yummy Tummies take away one stress for you.

Let us help you get your body back.

But, I’m afraid it will take longer than 5 minutes… 😉

We can guild you through the maze that is the internet and provide you with a safe and structured way to specifically target key muscles to help:

  • Flatten your stomach
  • Tighten up your butt
  • Strengthen those thighs

At the same time whilst targeting the areas which generally suffer from hours of breastfeeding and lifting and bending down to pick up your little one. Like the:

  • Tops of your shoulders
  • Aching lower back
  • Feeling of tightness through your whole body

Being a mum is a physical job

No-one tells you this before-hand. Everyone is just so focussed on the birth and they tend to forget about what happens afterwards. I remember before the birth of my daughter that people were telling me that I would be a little tired.

A little tired? Now that is an understatement. Completely and absolutely shattered. Now that is a more accurate description.

And you?

Are you just a little tired?

Mmm, I thought so.

But what if I told you that as part of a Club Yummy Tummies Member, you will find out key tips and strategies which will give you:

  • More energy
  • Less aches and pain
  • Become more alert

The whole philosophy at Club Yummy Tummies is not just do a few exercises and that will fix you. It is a holistic approach in that everything you do will affect the way you move, act and feel. The key lifestyle modifications will themselves help to create more energy.

So what do you actually get with your Club Yummy Tummies Membership?

You get all this…

  • Targeted Goal Setting. And no this is not just a matter of writing down ‘get fit and tone up’. This goes into detail of ‘why’ you want it. It peels down the layers one by one until you find that underlying reason to really take action.  Unless you break it down and get to the deep meaning of why you are here in the first place, you won’t commit. You won’t take action. You won’t actually get the results that you really want.
  • Video Demonstrations. For every part of the programme Club Yummy Tummies creator, Lyndon Littlefair, will talk you through each component. From the Targeted Goal Setting to each and every exercise, Lyndon will talk you through it, helping you to master the technique and maximise the effectiveness. One thing you will find out is Lyndon is very fussy. If you are going to do something, it is best to maximise the benefits that you receive by doing it 100% right. All of the fine-tuning techniques that Lyndon has learnt over the last 25 years will be passed on to you.
  • Realistic Planning. The word here is ‘realistic’. Hey, being a mum is bloody hard work. There are more things to do than I could possibly list here. So developing strategies which actually work and fit around your extremely busy schedule (or should I say your baby’s schedule) is key. There is no point in committing to an unrealistic workload of exercise and lifestyle modifications if it just adds to your already busy workload. It will just add to the feeling of overwhelm and you will not do it.  By working the exercise around you and finding the time and headspace to integrate the exercise into your daily life, then, and only then, will you succeed at getting your body back.
  • Online Community. As a Club Yummy Tummies Member you will have access to help when you need it. The Club Yummy Tummies private Facebook group is where you will find mums just like you going through their journey with you. You will have expert help on hand to answer your questions and queries to assist you and help you to maximise everything that you do. You are not alone!
  • Time Efficient Workouts. Time! If only there were another 3 hours in the day, or 4, or… ok another ½ day. Time is that precious thing that before babies came along we all took for granted. Yes, I include myself in this camp. I mean you had time to read that Sunday morning paper. You had time to have that lazy afternoon lunch. And now? Yes, that’s what I thought. There is no point doing 10 exercises for 10 different body parts when you can do a targeted three or four that do a much better job. All of the exercises that you will be doing are effective, time efficient and get great results.
  • Unlock more advanced exercises when you are ready for them. One of the biggest mistakes I see with new mums is doing exercises which are too hard for them and potentially hurting themselves. Unfortunately, ‘some’ magazines out there show you exercises which say they are postnatal, but they forget about the six stages of progressions you need to actually get there. Without these progressions, you will hurt yourself. So, the programme is set up in that as you progress through the exercises you can then unlock the next more advanced version.

But why us?

Why should you trust us to help you in your journey?

Here’s where I am supposed to tell you about my 25 years of helping Mum’s get in shape or my countless qualifications or something else. But that would still be me talking about me…

Here are some other people’s opinions about Yummy Tummies…

“I first went to see Lyndon at Yummy Tummies about 6 weeks after the birth of my second child. I had two children 18 months apart and the effect that had on my stomach muscles was noticeable! Lyndon was incredibly supportive and understanding at what is a very emotional time, but he also knows his stuff and explained very clearly about the recovery process and the results I could expect. We took exercise very slowly to start with, or so I thought, but the results were immediate – I got stronger and my stomach got flatter very quickly. In just a few months you wouldn’t know I had had a baby, let alone two, and I can honestly put that all down to Lyndon. I even got my reluctant husband to train with him and he still is. Highly, highly recommend him! Worth every penny.”
Natasha R.

Mum of 2

“Two pregnancies and C-sections left me with diastasis recti, a large gap in the external layer of my stomach muscles, and several health professionals were quick to recommend surgery as the only recourse. However, an esteemed OB/GYN knew Lyndon and thought that even if I couldn’t close the gap all the way, I could go a long way with his help and an appropriate amount of time (at least a year post-birth). When I came to Lyndon, my back was really vulnerable, and I was worried about even being able to pick up my kids. Everyone had been telling me something different in terms of what exercises would help the situation and not cause more damage. It was clear from our first meeting that Lyndon was very familiar with my issue and knew just how to handle it. Taking a detailed history and measurements, he customized an exercise program that he emailed to me. He stresses functionality, as well as an integrated approach (it’s not just about the exercises but other ways I can be healthy). He makes sure I’m strong enough before progressing an exercise, and we are definitely seeing progress! Six months later, I am significantly stronger and more confident and have no issue hoisting my kids around. Lyndon has such good, positive energy and offers a refreshing combination of professionalism and much-needed encouragement. I look forward to our time together as “me” time. He is a true gem and I feel so fortunate to have found him!”
Margaret S.

Mum of 2

“Lyndon is incredibly detailed! I started seeing him 11 years ago after having had three children. My body was out of shape, then at the age of 41, and I suffered from repeated back problems due to the repeatedly wrong posture carrying the three children on the same hip. Wonderfully it didn’t take long for my body to regain shape. But instead of quitting once accomplished I increased my gym visits with Lyndon to twice a week. I understood the joy and necessity of some commitment to gain more fitness at that age rather than just maintaining the bare minimum. It feels incredibly good to look slim at my age and to have that drive that keeps me going. But really, it’s much more with Lyndon, he is an inspiration to accelerate in fitness. I’m 100% sure that I would look pretty awful and would in no way have the energy that I have today to tackle life as it comes had I stopped with my sessions with Lyndon. I am so lucky that I bumped into Lyndon more than 11 years ago. His attention to detail in fixing my numerous weekly little health problems is fantastic! Thank you, Lyndon, what would I be without you?”
Ursula R.

Mum of 3

“I’m VERY Thankful that my Doctor introduced me to Lyndon. He clearly knows his job very, very well. It’s great to have someone who looks at the body as a whole and who can help me achieve my fitness goals. Lyndon’s knowledge is quite incredible and this is the best I have felt in ages!”
Petrina C.

Mum of 3

“Dear Lyndon,

Thanks for all your patience, expertise and guidance in those first months to help wake up my abdominal muscles after the birth of our second child last autumn. George was born in August and we starters working together when he was three months old. I had an abdominal separation of over three fingers and now it is less than one thanks to you and also knowing how to hold my body while training whether it be in yoga, spinning, running or a conditioning class. Equally importantly, I also am aware of what moves still don’t feel quite right and don’t support complete healing. Beyond explicit exercise, you also helped me to strengthen my posture and integrate alignment and core awareness in my daily life. So, thank you!! I would whole heartedly recommend you to anyone!



Jennifer K.

Mum of 2

“Along with the ecstasies of new motherhood comes the startling new vision of yourself from the neck down. This is not a time for bootcamps and bullying but for a careful reawakening and resumption of control. Lyndon Littlefair is absolutely meticulous in his carefully considered approach which puts you perfectly back in touch with your body. With so much nonsense out there about the post pregnancy body battles, Lyndon is a wise and often refreshingly honest and funny ally.”
Kate Reardon

Mum of 2, Editor of Tatler

“My obstetrician suggested I visit Lyndon if I wanted to try via exercise to close an almost two finger abdominal separation I was left with after two c sections within 18 months of each other. I didn’t manage to make it to my first session with Lyndon until 11 months after the birth of my second child, seven weeks in (four training sessions later) I wish I had made the visit so much sooner!! Lyndon gave me a thorough ‘whole body MOT’ in my first session and sent me away with 20 minutes of daily abdominal exercises specifically tailored to closing my separation. These exercises targeted muscles I didn’t even realise I had despite being a keen gym go-er. I am only seven weeks in and my separation is all but closed. I have lower abdominal strength I didn’t realise was possible. And to top it all off I feel really pretty good putting on a bikini again two children later!! I would also add Lyndon is a thoroughly nice and genuine chap to spend time with. I am delighted with the results and determined to keep my new found abdominal strength!”
Hannah W.

Mum of 2

“Lyndon has given me a series of exercises to do to specifically targeting my abdominals and pelvic floor muscles which were weak and stretched after carrying twins (my third and fourth children). The exercises are starting to help and Lyndon is always full of encouragement and helpful pointers. He is meticulous about how I do each exercise and is very knowledgable about the body post pregnancy. Although it feels like an enormous challenge I feel that Lyndon will be able to help me get my tummy back with time.”
Jess, 33

Mum of 4

These days the internet is a wonderful thing. You can search for anything and all of the information comes up for you in two seconds. Even my 8 year old daughter just asks to google it when she wants to find out something. Scary hey!?

However, how do you know if the information is correct or the best for you? Unfortunately, you don’t.

And that is the scary part. Even certain magazines promoting postnatal exercise show things which will most certainly cause a lot of damage to any new mum.

So never trust anyone that says
trust me…

So that is something I won’t say. But this is something experts in their fields do say about Club Yummy Tummies…

“Lyndon has been so helpful in helping our new mothers feel confident about themselves again.

His gentle but intensive post-natal programme is beneficial in muscle strengthening and optimising posture.”

Dr Penelope Law The Countess of Bradford

Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, The Portland Hospital

“Yummy Tummies is the company that I trust to send my postnatal patients to for all of their exercise needs.

They are professional and knowledgeable and I know that my patients are in safe hands.”

Nick Wales

Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

“I use Lyndon to refer my more complicated patients, those with a history of back pain or spinal surgery. Lyndon is very good at finding the weaker muscles and working on them specifically to strengthen the core or an injured area before progressing onto more vigorous exercises.  As an Osteopath I find this particularly important as I see many patients who injure themselves through poor training and want to continue training – Lyndon has the knowledge to do this well.”
Simone Ross

Structural & Cranial Osteopath, Kane & Ross Clinics

“Lyndon is extremely knowledgeable about fitness and alignment and offers a safe and enjoyable way of exercising. He streamlines information so that it is targeted to what you need, rather than leaving you feeling overwhelmed. I especially recommend Lyndon for pregnancy and postnatal work.”
Avni Trivedi

Pregnancy, Baby & Women’s Integrated Osteopath & Zero Balancer

Even after reading all of these lovely things that people say about Yummy Tummies, how do you know if it will be right for you?

The truth is, you don’t. Not until you try it.

I would rather have members who actually benefit from the whole process, do the work and get the results. That way, you then become a walking advertisement for Club Yummy Tummies.

I’m being honest here. The last thing I want is for someone to join up, do half the work and then say that Club Yummy Tummies is rubbish. I know it works. All of the people who have done it knows it works.

And you?

So that it why I would like you to try it for 7 days.

For free? No.

Try it for 7 days for £10

Why £10? Because if I was to offer this for free would you actually do it? When you actually pay for something you place more value on it and are more likely to do it and get results. That is what I want from you…to get results.

So, sign up here for a tenner…

If you don’t see any benefit from this after 7 days, then we can go our separate ways with no hard feelings at all. During that seven days, you will still be able to download all of the essential starting material to get you started and make some amazing progress.

However, this is not for everyone.

But it is for people that want results and are willing to give it a go.

Is that you?

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