“Yummy Tummies is the company that I trust to send my postnatal patients to.”

Nick Wales, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

“Lyndon has been so helpful in helping our new mothers feel confident about themselves again.”

Dr Penelope Law, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, The Portland Hospital

Best for easing back into the gym after having a baby.


Yummy Tummies is a team of post-pregnancy exercise specialists dedicated to
helping you get back into shape after giving birth.

Are you a mum and want to get your body back but don’t know where to start?

Are you worried about doing certain exercises which may cause permanent damage to your body?

The whole process of becoming pregnant, giving birth and recovering afterwards is a big strain on the human body.

Post birth is still a hugely stressful time for most new mums. Placing undue stress on the body by wrong exercise and recovery selections may not be helpful at all. In some cases it may even make your whole recovery process a lot slower.

Why not place your trust in the experts at Yummy Tummies. We can guide you in your recovery process and help you to get your body back, give you more energy and make you feel like yourself again.

Head over to our ‘Start Here’ page to get a better understanding of the best place to start.

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Post baby MOT

The Post Baby MOT is a complete over assessment of your body after having your baby. This is usually done once you have been all cleared by your doctor at the six week check-up.  However, some new mums are eager to get started and can start with some low level pelvic...

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Post Baby Re-Start

Our New Six Week Post Baby Exercise Course The Post Baby Re-Start is a six-week online post baby exercise course designed to get you started safely after having your little one. This is a weekly online meet up to get you started safely into exercise after having a...

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5 Best Ways to Flatten Your Abs

A lot of people have been asking how to flatten my abs after having a baby.  Actually, well most of you guys have... This is probably the number one concern that you have at this point in time. Before I launch into the top five ways, lets get a little perspective on...

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Post Baby Kick-Start

Optimize Your Recovery, Reclaim Your Body and Learn The Essential Methods To Long Term Success in our 6 Week Post Baby Kick-Start   Begin your journey of getting your body back in shape with a group of like-minded mums and gain the necessary tools to make a real...

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What About You?

Right now in this postnatal period you are probably up to your eyeballs with routines, structures, lists and generally things to do. And that’s just the baby... How about you? Are you taking any time to look after yourself right now? Of course there is nothing more...

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Do we really need to Mind The Gap?

Abdominal separation. Do we really need to focus on this 100%? Is this the be all of postnatal rehabilitation? What if I told you that there are lots of other factors which are more important. Firstly the most important factor when determining whether your abs will...

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