Our New Six Week Post Baby Exercise Course

The Post Baby Re-Start is a six-week online post baby exercise course designed to get you started safely after having your little one.

This is a weekly online meet up to get you started safely into exercise after having a baby.  We meet up once a week online in a small group setting to do a safe and guided exercise session.

You will be guided by one of London’s leading postnatal recovery experts, Lyndon Littlefair.

Instead of just launching straight into exercise, we first determine which exercises will be right for you body and at what level.  So the first session always starts with a guided self-assessment to teach you more about your body and

Week 1:

  • This is a guided self-assessment of your body to determine exactly what is your starting point
  • Your specialist will take you through a guided self-assessment to check for:
    • Abdominal separation and tension through your mid-section
    • Pelvic Floor activation and control
    • Integration of pelvic floor and ‘core’ muscles
    • Glute activation
    • Pelvic positioning and stability
    • Posture of head, shoulders, upper back and lower back
  • By creating a huge awareness of your body, you will be able to adjust exercises specific to your level as you progress through the six week course.


Week 2-6

  • Guided post baby exercise sessions based around your initial self-assessment
  • You will never be doing exercises that are beyond your level
  • The exercises will be progressed at a safe level as you gain more strength
  • Performed in an online small group setting so that you never feel alone
  • All exercises will have variations based on what level you are currently at
  • Instead of just doing some random exercises you will learn the purpose of the exercises and make them a lot more effective


All sessions will be recorded just in case you get any little disruptions…

That way you can carry on with the exercises and go over them as part of your homework each week.


The cost for the six-week course is £150.


To sign up for the next one just complete a contact form here.



‘Lyndon has been so helpful in helping our new mothers feel confident about themselves again.
His gentle but intensive post-natal programme is beneficial in muscle strengthening and optimising posture.’

Dr Penelope Law
The Countess of Bradford

Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

The Portland Hospital




‘Yummy Tummies is the company that I trust to send my postnatal patients to for all of their exercise needs.

They are professional and knowledgeable and I know that my patients are in safe hands.’


Nick Wales

Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital