Yummy Tummies Foundations

Find out how London Mums are firming and toning their bodies, getting their confidence back and becoming more energised without long boring gym workouts.

Recognise any of these?

  • Feel that you don’t recognise your body anymore.
  • Feel that your stomach doesn’t belong to you.
  • Want to get your flat stomach back not just to your pre-pregnancy state, but stronger then ever before but don’t know where to start.
  • Choose the clothes in your wardrobe that hide your body because your confidence is so low.

All of my Yummy Tummies Members started at the same point. They were all at a low point and they came to me to help them get back to where they once were.

However, there’s no point me talking for them.

These are some of their stories

I was so terrified that I’d never get back into shape after having my 2 children, particularly after having a c-section.

I knew that I desperately needed to do some form of structured exercise designed specifically to target those problem areas associated with pregnancy and childbirth.

It wasn’t merely that I had put on weight, or the fact that I had virtually no muscle strength in my stomach or lower back, or even that my body shape was almost completely unrecognisable to me, but rather I just didn’t have any confidence in my body anymore.”


32, from Colchester, Mum of two

“My body was out of shape then at the age of 41 and I suffered from repeated back problems due to the repeatedly wrong posture carrying my three children on the same hip.”


40ish, from London, Mum of three

“Following the birth of my twins, the battle to return to a pre pregnancy shape was just too much.  I was struggling with my body and my confidence and I turned to Lyndon for expert help.”


35, from London, Mum of twins

It sounds familiar right?

These are just a few of the Mums I have helped get back in shape over the last two decades. However, it pains me to see a whole lot of mums that are still struggling with their bodies, wearing baggy clothes and losing their confidence.

However, the real motivation for developing a programme to help even more people was the birth of my daughter Mia.

This gave me a huge insight of just how hard the early days are. You see I was and still am a very hands on Dad.

The 2am feed…I was there for that.

The nappy changes, I did my fair share.

Trying to go to work on 3 hours sleep day after day…wow that was hard.

I never believed all of my friends when they said that I would be tired. I have never been that tired before…ever!

And I also saw first hand the frustration and emotional outpouring of what it is like when my wife wanted to get back in shape.

Post baby photos, they were banned.

You probably only have one photo of yourself when you were pregnant, and that was taken by someone else. My wife was exactly the same.

I have trained literally thousands of Mums to help them get back into shape over the last 20 years, but this was the first time “being on the inside”.

You know how it is to be that tired and exhausted that you can’t even think.

It also happened that during this time every friend, colleague and neighbour seemed to be pregnant and I was answering a thousand and one questions every time I saw them.

So I decided to write it all down on paper.

And so The Yummy Tummies Foundations Programme was created.

So what is the Yummy Tummies Foundations Programme all about?

It is a system designed to get you back to where you once were.
It has been 20 years in the making of working out the best and most efficient way of getting you back in shape after giving birth. It incorporates exercise and lifestyle changes which fit into your busy lifestyle and constant baby routines.

So what do you get?

  • A 3 step process to take you from your post pregnant state to feeling energised, confident and in great shape.
  • The Stages take you through the process of waking up your abs and body, getting your muscles working again, to getting your body stronger for the long term.
  • A follow along comprehensive self-assessment to show you exactly where you are currently at.
  • Video workouts in real time as well as a detailed video explanation of each exercise. Performing the exercises 100% correctly means that you get 100% results.

You will not only learn more about your body than ever before, but you will develop an understanding of which exercises will be best for you.

You will be guided through each stage of your Yummy Tummies Foundations Programme step by step to help you to get that flat stomach back. By addressing the correct muscles of the abdominals and re-educating the abdominal wall we will get your body back to a position even stronger than pre-pregnancy!

One of the hardest things about starting exercise after giving birth is just that starting. It is hard. But with the right guidance you can overcome all of this.

You will come up with these excuses of why not to start. But I rather like to focus on what you can do.

Give me an excuse, and I’ll give you a solution?

Have you ever heard yourself say this?

Too tired to exercise?

Some forms of exercise will be too much at any point in your life. Especially after having a baby. If we divide exercise into two kinds we have energy giving exercise and energy taking exercise. If you do too much too so you will find that it is just knackering. This is not to purpose of this programme. The purpose of this programme is to provide you with the correct amount of muscle stimulation to cause a positive reaction in your body, not a negative one. The programme will help you to tone and tighten all of the right muscles while also creating energy to help you get through the day.

Not Enough Time?

You will definitely have enough on your plate without trying to do hours and hours of exercise every day or every week. It is not about how long you exercise for but what you actually do within your available time that is the important thing. The Yummy-Tummies programme is about targeting the correct muscle groups with the right exercises that work in the shortest time possible. It is all about efficient of time, not giving you things which are just not necessary.

Baby might wake up?

The great thing about a new born baby is that they do tend to sleep a lot. Because the programme is short and to the point, you will minimise the possibility of this happening. Also, you will not be doing lots of jumping around and making heaps of noise to wake up the little one.

Can’t get to the gym?

You don’t need to. The Yummy-Tummies exercise programme is designed to be done in the comfort of your own house. There is no need to spend money on gym membership or spend the time getting there.

Can’t get regular childcare?

This is always the balancing act of how to look after your child while trying to exercise for yourself. The great thing about the programme is that it’s short and to the point to maximise effect in the smallest time possible. Some of the Yummy-Tummies Members have even incorporated a lot of playtime into the exercises. The kids think it is great fun to see Mummy rolling around on this funny ball thing, or doing a squat and then lifting them into the air. It is not all designed to be hard work!

Can’t commit to a specific time?

Even the best planned days can become undone when you are dealing with a small child. They sometimes don’t have the same time-frame that you do and even when you think that they should be asleep, they might have a different idea. That is why this programme has the same flexibility as your child, which I must admit is quite incredible. You can simply fit the workouts around times when your little one is asleep.

Don’t know what to do?

Where to start?

You don’t need to worry about this. It is all taken care of for you. Each part of the programme is carefully described with photos so that you really don’t have worry about when to do what. You will be taken through each part of exercise step by step and shown what to do when.

Exercise is too hard to do.

By starting off with simple exercises and only progressing once you have mastered these exercises you can progress at your own pace. The first exercises are designed to wake up your muscles which have been shut done over the last nine months before progressing to anything harder. You only progress when you are ready, so that you can really go at your own pace.

Can’t I just do a few sit-ups?

Once you begin to understand the complete anatomy of your abdominals you will realise that sit-ups really are not the best way to train your abdominals in your post-pregnant state, or any state for that matter. A sit-up only trains the top part of your exterior abdominals and don’t really focus on the deep core abdominal muscles. It is these deep abdominal muscles that actually flatten your stomach and brings your tummy back to its pre-pregnancy state. The Yummy Tummies Foundation Programme will teach you all about which muscles to target and how best to train them.

But don’t just take my word for it

Here are some of the members who have already taken the journey:

1st Day:

“I felt the effects of the exercises straight away in all of the right areas. It was easy to fit into my routine with my children. I was worried about exercising after a c-section, but these exercises were just what I needed.”

Week 2:

“By week two I was starting to get used to the exercises. The programme gave me focus and structured my time. I’m really excited about making a difference to my body. The great thing was that it didn’t take too much time and I didn’t need to go to the gym. This is great because now I can cancel my membership.”

Week 3:

By week three I was really noticing the difference. Not only was my waist coming back, but my thighs, bum and abs were getting a lot stronger. Because I felt stronger, I was feeling more confident and I started to wear better clothes, wear makeup. It really lifted my spirits. I was also holding myself a lot better.

 Before starting yummy tummies I never believed I would see my body back or that I would feel like me again…. don’t get me wrong I adore being a Mum but it does take its toll on you and this programme has been a life saver. I am stronger and fitter than I ever could have imagined and I would seriously recommend this programme to any woman looking to get back on track after having children. Life is busy enough, don’t waste any more time trying to find that ‘magic solution’ -this is it, honestly yummy tummies really works!!!!


32, from Colchester, Mum of two

However, this system may not be for everyone.

If you think that just by signing up, you will automatically get an amazing body, sorry it is not that easy. I wish it was!

There is going to be hard work involved and some lifestyle changes will need to be made to get the results you want.

Will it be will worth it…absolutely!

So what are you waiting for?