At Yummy Tummies we appreciate that everyone is different. Well I hope so as that would be a bit boring if everyone was the same…

Anyway, what I mean is, that everyone will benefit in slightly different ways from what we can provide. For the highly motivated of you out there, you might just need to know what to do and off you go you can do it.

For the highly motivated people who just want to get going now, why not try our:

Yummy Tummies Blueprint

This is our original service which follows through all of our training principles from testing your abdominal separation all the way up to fitting back into that dress.  You simply follow along the programme and it guides you through all of the various stages in this 15 week structured Blueprint.

For those of you out there who need a little bit more help why not try the:

Club Yummy Tummies

This is our exclusive Membership Site. Have exclusive access to all of our post natal recovery strategies. Each month you will unlock a new set of exercises to guide and help you to get stronger, healthier and happy with your body again.

Now, if you want the ultimate one to one attention then the only thing for you is:

Yummy Tummies Trainers

This service is if you want exclusive one to one assessment of where you are at and personalised guidance with all of your health and exercise. One of our Post Natal Exercise Specialists can come to your home or you can train at our Mayfair Studio.