One of my Yummy Tummies Members sent me a private message the other day.

You see, she had signed up to the home training system a couple of weeks ago and she confessed an embarrassing secret.

She had been playing on the trampoline with her older son one weekend when she had a little accident.  Unfortunately one of the side effects of giving birth is that her pelvic floor muscle were shot to pieces.


You can guess what happened next…


Yes she had to do a quick clothing change to make sure that no one noticed that she had a little leakage.


The lucky thing was that there was only a couple of people around and they either didn’t notice or were too polite to ask why she had to change her trousers.


Let’s just say that she didn’t go on the trampoline again that day.


However, she had been doing the Yummy Tummies Home Training System for a couple of weeks and she was definitely feeling the benefits.


On the weekend, she had another family barbecue and her five year old son was begging her to go on the trampoline with her again.


At first she was not too sure after the last episode.


But with the continual pestering she finally gave in and decided to go on the trampoline.


And guess what?


No accident.


No outfit changes.


Everyone must have been wondering why she had such a huge smile on her face.


But she knew why.


Her pelvic floor had become stronger.  She had more control over it. And all in the space of a couple of weeks.  In her words…”Yummy Tummies really works…”


Her email to me on Monday morning was so thankful, it made me walk around with a huge smile on my face. I still get a kick out of my guys getting results like these.


If you too want this extra confidence, big smile and no unfortunate accidents, get started with the Yummy Tummies Training System today.


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