I was doing my usual walk through Green Park this morning on the way to work when out of nowhere this crazy man on a Boris Bike came hurtling towards me.

This guy was out of control.

His feet weren’t even on the pedals. He had one hand on the handlebars and he was talking on his mobile phone with his briefcase tucked under his arm.


As he nearly crashed into me, he muttered something like “sssooooorrryyyy” as he zig zagged out of control, missing trees, people and the occasional terrified squirrel on the way down towards Buckingham Palace.


Hopefully good old queeny wasn’t taking her corgis for a walk this morning…


I thought to myself, now this is someone who is completely out of control. Well actually I thought of a few other choice words, but after I calmed down I thought about it.


He didn’t have control over anything, so I wonder how he would have control over anything in his real life.  Or is that just how he rolls?  Out of control, racing from one thing to the next.


I must admit sometimes life feels like that.  Especially when you have kids. Rushing from one thing to another.  From play dates to bath routines, and bedtime routine to feeding routines.  It sometimes feels like that man on the bike…out of control.


You know what I mean.


So how about start to take control.


How about if someone else could take the responsibility for you for just one thing?


Like exercise and getting in shape for example.


That is where we can help you.


We can take one burden off your mind and help you with the structure, the format and take control of the exercise for you.  This is what we have created with the Yummy Tummies Blueprint.


A systematic approach which is simple, time efficient but extremely effective at getting you into the shape you want.


Check it out here:



For all of the other stuff, I’m afraid that is not my expertise.


So if we can at least help you steer that bike in the right direction at least that will be one less thing to think about and you may be not like that out of control cyclist.


Take care and good luck,




Ps I promise, I wasn’t walking in the bike lane either..I think….:-)