To change or not to change, is that the question?

If you stopped every person in the street and asked them if they wanted to change something about their body I can guarantee that 99% of them would say yes.

And that 1% would probably lie anyway. Or they are the supermodels of this world.

For the majority of us, yes myself included, we all have a thing or two that we would like to change about our bodies.


And you?


What is it for you?


Your hips, your thighs, your stomach?


No matter what, for change to happen with your body, change must happen somewhere else.


This could be through the food that you eat, or the activity that you under take.


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For a lot of people, change is hard.

Change is difficult to start and even harder to stick to.

Change requires effort.  Change requires willpower and determination.


And is this all worth it?


Well, you be the judge of that one.

Is changing something about yourself worth it?


Is losing those couple of kilos, fitting into those clothes again and generally feeling good about yourself worth it?


In my humble opinion, shit yeah!


And you?


So if you want to change, then start from today.  Not tomorrow, not next week.


Make a conscious effort to get started, make the change and start the journey to getting to where you want to be.


To change or not to change?


You make the decision.


Take care and good luck,




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