I’m not too sure if you watched the documentary about weight watchers about a year ago. BBC did a great documentary about the ins and outs of this company.

And do you know what they found? As a long term plan it didn’t work. It worked in the short term as people were more aware of the food they put into their mouths. But as along term solution it relied on people failing so that they would have to come back to do the programme all over again.
This was the words coming from the mouth of a previous director of the company. It was a pretty scary admission.

It basically was saying that their system would work for a little bit, but then knew very clearly that people would fail.
This, they admitted, was good for business.
This meant that those same people would come back once more and go through their programme all over again.
It was great for their business and they just had a continual circle of customers repeating the programme, failing, repeating, failing…well you get the picture.
They did actually product some precise figures on the amount of people that kept the weight off. I can’t remember exactly, but it was something like 5%.
Now that is not a great success rate.
Now before you think this is just a rant about how crap Weight Watchers is, it is not. That’s for another email…:-)

The best thing about weight watchers is the weekly meetings. Those weekly meetings that force people to be accountable.
Those weekly meetings that help to inspire others to make the effort and change. Ok the public weigh in is not the best idea in the world. I’m not really in for public humiliation myself…
But having a weekly meet up where you learn, you are inspired and then you go and do the work is a great idea.
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But in the meantime, keep going with those New Years resolutions.


Lyndon “no weekly weigh ins” Littlefair


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