Yesterday I saw a client of mine that I hadn’t seen for a couple of weeks.

She had a combination of childcare and lots of stuff going on, so she couldn’t make training for a couple of weeks. In other words “life” got in the way of her exercise.

This is the sort of client who is always on time, always does her homework (well out of the time) and is careful about what she was eating.

And for the last two weeks?


She did no homework, no exercise and in her own admission her food was shit.

And how did she feel? Well much like her food for the last couple of weeks…shit.

She was low on energy, she missed exercising and she missed the feeling of feeling alive.

So why did she go off the rails?

Because she had no one to check in on her. Because she wasn’t meeting up with me to tell me how she was going, what food she was eating, how much exercise she was doing she thought “f*** it”…

Her precise words by the way not mine…would I swear.?? No don’t answer that.

Because she didn’t have that person or group to check in to she didn’t bother…another way of saying it.

By having that constant check in, most people will keep going on the straight and narrow and be good with their food and exercise.

By having to report in to someone and knowing that you will feel guilty if you haven’t done the work, you keep on track. You keep heading in the right direction.

This is exactly what is happening with my online Post Baby Kickstart Tribe. They are getting results, they are heading in the right direction and they are checking in with yours truly once a week to make sure that they do.
And my client?
She is back on track!! She is motivated and looking forward to training again and getting back to where she was.

And you?
Lyndon “I’m watching you” Littlefair
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