I was watching a programme last night about a photographer who had bought a rainforest in Peru.

I think it was on last week sometime and I finally got around to watching it.

Anyway this guy had bought 100 acres of forest without even seeing it. It turns out it was pretty much a crap bit of land, but it was in the edge of an amazing national park.

It was yet another one of these programmes talking about the amazon rainforest and the plight of the illegal logging that goes on. It was actually a pretty cool programme because it took into account both sides of the problem and the fact that these people who are logging are so poor, they have nothing else to do.


Anyhow, there was a part of the programme where he was nearly in tears as his 100 acres was such a small drop in the ocean, he could not see how it was going to make any difference at all.

He nearly gave up.

He nearly thought, f&^^ it! What difference will it make?


And do you know what he did?




He decided to save that 100 acres.

He employed the guy living on it to replant the whole 100 acres.


>>>>>Bite sized chunks!<<<<<<


If everyone did things in bite sized chunks then we could all make a small step towards that end goal.

Do you ever look at something and think that the end goal was just too large, too hard or too difficult to get there?

You know what?

That is just how a lot of Yummy Tummies Members started.

But by taking things one step at a time, they are getting there.

They are getting their bodies back.

They are getting their abs back.

The muscle tone is improving.

They are feeling stronger, fitter and more alive all over again.


And you?


Where are you at the moment?

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And remember, if you take things in bite sized chunks, you will get there in the end.


Take care and good luck,




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