I’ll start next week

Have you ever heard yourself say those words.

I must admit, I have…many times.

Those jobs around the house.


Sorting out my wardrobe.


Weeding the garden.


That exercise routine.





And you?


Do you put off those jobs that just seem too hard to do or even start?


You know the ones.


The ones that just seem too hard to do.  Or the ones that you just can’t be bothered even starting.


And exercise?


How many times have you said, I’ll start tomorrow?  Or I’ll start on Monday.


And do you?


Do you get started and moving?


Do you then get into the habit and make progress?


It’s a bit hard to make progress if you don’t start in the first place.


So if you need a bit of help, or even a gentle kick up the backside, then this is it.


Head on over to www.yummytummies.co.uk and get started.


Then you too can move forward, make progress and get in the shape that your want to.


But there is always the week after…;-)


Lyndon “no more procrastinating” Littlefair


Ps here is that gentle kick again>>>> click this link