Marginal Gains

This is a term coined by the Sky Cycling Team when asked what that secret to their success is.

And before you switch off wondering what cycling has got to do with you, this has everything to do with you.

This term was used to explain why the little things matter and they all add up to make all the difference.


They were using this term to explain their success on the bike.  For you, I want you to think about this in terms of helping you really achieve your goals.


Their philosophy was that if you got every little thing right and each of these little things were about 5%, then when you add them all together, they would add up to 10, 20 and even 30% improvement.


For example, when they were competing in the Le Tour De France, they would take the riders individual pillows with them and even have their own sheets and bedspreads.  They had a team that would go ahead of the riders and prepare their hotel rooms for them, so that after a long stage on their bike, that could just crash and have a comfortable nights sleep.


They realised the importance of sleep, nutrition and recovery all have on performance.  If they made just that 5% difference then they could be helping their riders achieve their goals.


And you?


If you implemented the little things all of the time, they would all add up to create change and help you reach your goals.


Going to bed half an hour earlier.


Drinking enough water.


Not eating that chocolate bar.


Getting an extra ten minutes of exercise a day.


All these things add up to help you move that little bit closer towards your goals.


Individually, you might think that they don’t make any difference at all, but when you add them all up….:-)


So start today.


Get a pen and paper and write down ten little things that you could do today to help you get to where you want to be.


Then start!


Go on then.


You know you can do it.


Take care and good luck,




Ps What are you still doing here…start writing 🙂


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