Have you lost weight?

The million pound question that you all want to hear.

Those few words that when said make you feel like jumping for joy and doing a little victory dance.

It is amazing that a few words can make you feel so great.

“So what have you done this week to help you to lose weight?”

This is a question that I ask one of my personal clients every week.

For she is a person that always have people doing ‘stuff’ for her.

Lets, just say she outsources a lot of things.

And one of things is the responsibility for losing weight.

If she could take a magic pill for this, she would.

She believes that by placing this responsibility for this onto someone else, she won’t have to do anything herself.


I have been working with her for a while and making her realise that she is the one who determines how successful she will be in achieving her weight loss goals.

I put this in perspective for her by explaining that I see her for three hours per week.

In those three hours we cover a lot of things.

But the most important thing is giving her the skills to help herself.

Because three hours is only just under 2% of the total hours in the week. There are 24 hours in one day and seven days in the week.

So I always put the question back onto her “what have you done in those other 165 hours of the week to help you lose weight?”.

So take responsibility and think about the different ways you can move closer to your goals and hear those magic words “have you lost weight?”.


Lyndon “lost weight” Littlefair


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