When first starting something you initially need that big kick up
the backside to get moving.

Unfortunately for most of us, it is not always a positive one.

It can come in the form of a relationship breakup, pain,
embarrassment, or even not being able to fit into clothes anymore.


Not being able to fit into clothes is usual that big kick up the
backside. This usual coincides with pain and embarrassment.


And the worst time for this…


Just before a big event like a friend’s wedding!
Meet Diane…


Diane came to me about eight weeks before she was due to be a
bridesmaid at her friend’s wedding. She had just had her third
baby six months previous and had not shed any of her baby weight.


She was always putting off the exercise. Saying that she would
lose it later.


Until that day when she looked in her diary and realised that it
was only eight weeks until she was due to fit into ‘that’
bridesmaids dress.


You know the one. The one that was designed for a twenty year old
with legs up to her armpits!


And the worst thing?


The two other bridesmaids were in their twenties with legs up to
their armpits.
For Diane this was the huge trigger!

This was the kick up the backside that she needed to start.


The kick that she needed to turn her body around.


Did she do it?


Hell yeah!!


She made a huge change to her body shape in a short amount of time.


She worked bloody hard and she got amazing results.




Because her trigger was big enough to make her change. To start
the process of getting her shit together and working really hard
towards her specific goals.


So what is your trigger?


What will cause you to start?


That is up to you decide.





Ps  By the way if you were wondering if Diane looked good in that
dress. Absolutely! She got more attention and comments than the
other two leggy girls put together. 😀


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