Don’t you wish you could have a mute button for all of the noise around you?

Just a little button that stops all of the noisy traffic, neighbours, airplanes etc.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Sometimes all that is going on around you just sounds so noisy and so busy that it would be good to just take a little time for some piece and quiet.


This little quiet time is all important to keep everything in balance.


I remember when my daughter was very little, I would take her to the park for her afternoon nap.  I would find this lovely little park just around the corner from my house in Crouch End and I would just sit.


You see, every Tuesday was Daddy Day.  So I would take her swimming, take her to music classes and just play with her all day.


And then came the afternoon nap time.


That hour or two where she would just sleep (sometimes) and I would have that time just to be.  Sometimes I would read a book or sometimes I would just sit and relax and enjoy that quiet few moments.


And you?


Do you have this quiet time?


Do you take the time for yourself and just chill for a little bit?


It is really important to have this bit of balance and take the time for yourself.


It helps when everything else is so busy you don’t have time to think.


This time also helps to calm the whole nervous system down to help the body recover, get healthy and lose weight.


Here’s to taking a little bit of you time.  Try it today.


Take care and good luck,




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