What is greater, the pain of where you are now or the pain of
changing that?

Let’s face it, change can be quite painful. Ok, actually very
bloody painful.

I mean moving out of your comfort zone into unknown waters is hard.
It is damn hard and pretty scary also.

People are always scared of the unknown. People have this fear of
things they don’t really know much about.
But, the thought is nearly always worse than the actual reality.

You always think the worse in a lot of situations.

That important meeting, meeting new friends, meeting the in-laws
for the first time. Ok well maybe not that…
But in most cases the thought is always worse than the actual
event. When you get there, things go ok. Things don’t seem as bad
as what you thought they might be.

And changing where you are at?

It isn’t going to be as bad as you think.


It is just the ‘thought’ of it.
So simply ask yourself the question, is the pain of where you are
at now worth the pain of changing?

Which pain do you think will be greater?


That is something you must decide.


Here’s to moving you to a better place.


Lyndon “changing” Littlefair
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