Last year I was on a family holiday in France.

One morning we were heading off to a lovely little town which had an amazing little market.

Being the typical male and having been to this town once before on a previous holiday, I thought I knew the way.  So I decided to rely on my memory and didn’t take the map.


Big mistake!


At first I thought, yep, this is the right way.


Then, the first bit of doubt set in.  The road didn’t look that familiar.


But I soldiered on.  It must be just down this road.


Or was it this one?


Maybe this one?


Then we were lost.


We had been driving around for what seemed like eternity, my daughter was screaming, my wife was not a happy camper and me? Well my pride was severely dented.


I thought I knew where we were going.  I thought it was a straightforward journey.  I thought that it was take just twenty minutes and we would have a lovely time at this beautiful market town.


But no, it turned into a nightmare.


An argument with my wife.


A very unhappy daughter.


And a lost opportunity to see this lovely town.




Because I didn’t have a map.


I didn’t have a clear picture of where I was going.


This is the same as exercise.


If you don’t have a clear plan of exactly where you are going, you may find yourself driving around for hours and hours and not having a good time at all.


By the way, this is what my Yummy Tummies Members have.


They have a clear, step by step guide of where they need to go  and the precise route to get them there.


You can check it out here:


Back to my holiday…


The very next day, I went out and bought a map.


…and we found that lovely town after all.


Take care,


Lyndon “lost the plot” Littlefair


Ps Here is that link to your map again…