I can’t remember how many times I have been asked this question.

Or, what is the best way to…

Or, what is the best exercise for…

So to help you out here are the top three ways to lose weight:


In no particular order here they are…


1. Be consistent

You know what it is like.  You start something, you are motivated and full of enthusiasm.

And then it gets hard.  Or something gets in the way.


Or something else happens.


And then you miss a week.  Or maybe two.


And then before long that wonderful exercise routine is a thing of the past…until you start the next one.


So be consistent, because consistent effort equals consistent results.


2. Keep a food diary.

Simple isn’t it.  However, the amount of people that say ‘I shouldn’t really eat that, but…’ Or ‘I could eat better’.


By writing it down every day and looking at it at the end of the week you become very aware of what you really are eating.


Sometimes you forget exactly what you eat or have no awareness of the junk you put in.

But by writing it all down, you create awareness.


And with this awareness you can then create change.


3. Being Accountable.

When no one is looking or watching over what you are doing what do you do?

Do you think, bugger it, I’ll have it anyway.  Or I’ll go to the gym tomorrow?


But if you have to check in with someone on a weekly basis to report how you are going, do you think you would do better?


I know I do.  Otherwise I might just slack off that little bit. Or take it a bit easy on that day. Or not do that workout I said I would.


But if you had to check in with someone?


Btw, this is what the Yummy Tummies members are having to do.  You can check this out here:



So if you are wanting to lose weight just remember the three simply things:

Be consistent

Keep a food diary

Be Accountable


Take care and good luck,




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