One of my clients had a frustrating week last week.

She was extremely frustrated with her exercise in that she wanted to do more. She wanted to be back to where she once was. And she wanted to be back there right now.

She had once been a competitive athlete in triathlon.

That was a few years ago and since then she has been pregnant three times with her last pregnancy having twins by way of c-section.

Her healing process was taking a while and her abdominals had to heal after being cut through and her stomach was taking the necessary time to return to its pre-pregnancy state.

But rightly so, she was frustrated. She was annoyed. She just wanted to be where she once was… and now.

In her case, this is about setting realistic expectations. It is realising that her body has been through some very significant changes over the last nine months. Or in her case the last three pregnancies.

There has been some big hormonal shifts. The body has changed and especially with a c-section, the body needs time to heal.

It is very hard with someone who has been at quite a high standard of exercising to be put in this position where she simply can’t do what she did before…yet!

From a training continuum the process that you need to progress through is flexibility > stability > strength > power. If you progress on to doing some strength or power work too soon then the body will break down.

You will simply not be able to do this sort of work.

You will increase the risk of getting injured.

You can and most likely will be sick.

So if this sounds like you, stop. Take a breath and realise just what your body has been through.

But please bear this in mind.

You will get there.

But you won’t get there faster by just training harder and trashing your body.

Take your time and only progress at a rate which your body can handle.

By the way this is the approach we take in the Yummy Tummies Blueprint.

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But don’t expect it to be just another programme about trashing your body.


Lyndon “trash free zone” Littlefair

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