What is your biggest fear that you have?


No, I’m not talking about snakes or spiders…although these fears can be pretty big.


Where I grew up the spiders and snakes tend to kill you, but this is not what I am talking about.


What is your biggest fear about you and your body?

This is a kinda personal question.  So let me share one of mine.


I was always a skinny kid at school.


I remember as a teenager, wearing jumpers on hot days in Australia, being too embarrassed to take it off because of my skinny arms.


I thought that the girls would laugh at me.


So instead, I overheated and spent the summers all sweaty…nice!


So what did I do?


I started to read any magazines about weight training I could get my hands on.  At this point it was Muscle and Fitness, the only fitness magazine in a small country town in Australia I could find.


For the next few years, every birthday and Christmas present was something to do with weights or fitness.


I built up a handy little home gym on my back veranda and I trained.


When I got home from school, I did all of my chores, then I would lift weights.


At first it was all about doing bicep curls, bicep curls and more bicep curls.  But then as I read more and learnt more, it was about the whole body.  Then progressing onto specific weights for sports.


As I learnt more and trained more, my confidence improved and I was no longer wearing those jumpers on those hot summer days.


And so began my career in the fitness industry. I learnt that through exercise and training you have the amazing ability to shape and change your body.  That is when I started to help other people.


I started to write programme after programme for friends and family members.


By the way I was only thirteen…


But by facing up to my fears and doing something about it, I changed.


And you?


What is your biggest fear?


What is it that you would like to change?


My members of my Yummy Tummies programme are facing up to their fears.


…and smashing them 🙂


You can too.  Check it out here:



So think about your biggest fear, then attack it.  Don’t let it hold you back.



Lyndon “mastering my fears” Littlefair


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