Kryptonite was superman’s poison…

…what’s yours?

For those that have watched the man of steel in the past, kryptonite rendered the big man useless,

weak and would pretty much kill him.

Not being too dramatic but what is the poison that makes you feel like crap?

For me it is chocolate!

I don’t smoke. I don’t drink much at all. I don’t drink coffee.

But chocolate…mmm.

I simply love the taste of it. But after the initial sugar rush I crash big time.

I feel tired. A little bit grumpy. Ok, well maybe a lot grumpy… And it does horrible things to my energy levels.

So what is your poison?

What is it that you can’t resist?

What is it that you consume that you know is bad for you but just can’t say no?

Is it alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, or chocolate like me?

If you are not too sure, then over the next couple of weeks I want you to start thinking about the different things that you consume and be aware of the reaction that it has on your body.

The hangover from having one too many.

The crash caused by certain foods mid afternoon.

Start to regulate your body and become more aware of your energy levels, your level of alertness and a general feeling of where your body is at.

Sounds strange and kind of hard to do at first, but once your master this you will develop an awareness of how certain things effect how you feel.

Then once you have an awareness, then you can create a change for the better.

So my further challenge over the next few weeks, to cut out chocolate.



Lyndon “no chocolate for me” Littlefair


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