I wish I had a pound for every time someone asked me what was the best exercise for my stomach.

I think I might have bought my own island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean by now…

People always have a fascination with this area.

They normally ask me whilst having a pint in one hand.

When I point out the blooming obvious they always say, no I don’t want to stop drinking though.

My answer, then you don’t really want it bad enough.

Of course this causes them to throw their teddies out of the pram and walk off in a huff.

This doesn’t worry me as I know by two pints later they would have forgotten about it. 🙂


But the real question remains:

Can’t I just do a few crunches to flatten my belly.

This is something I go into detail in my Yummy Tummies Blueprint.

To fully understand why crunches are not necessarily the best exercise for a flat stomach we need to understand a bit of anatomy.

When you are lying on your back and performing a crunch or sit-up. Just put your hands on your abs and feel what is going on.

In most cases your stomach will actually push out slightly.

This is because you are using your Rectus Abdominus muscles, the ones on the outside.

All these muscles do is simply bring your rib cage closer to your pelvis. At the same time they will push the abdominal wall out.

And is this what you really want to do to your stomach?

No, I didn’t think so.

What you need to do is activate the deep abdominals to effectively bring your stomach inwards and give it that flat appearance.

This is something that I go into detail in with my Yummy Tummies Blueprint.

It is a post pregnancy training system designed to get your abs, and the rest of your body, back in fantastic shape.

And the best news???

You can a sneak preview of it [here]

In the mean time stop pushing your abs out and stop drinking those pints, or glasses of red wine…


Lyndon “let’s get started” Littlefair


Ps Just on case you missed the sneak preview here it is again