There is no Trying, just Doing.

This is great quote from the wise one called Yoda.

I know so many people that are amazing at planning, scheduling and talking about what they are going to do.

They are always going to do this.

And going to do that.

They make the plan.

They tell everyone what they are going to do.

They get to the starting and….


They don’t start.

They don’t get moving.

They don’t take action.

This is the vital key in all of this.

Without action, nothing changes.

Without action, you stay exactly where you are at right now.

Is this where you want to stay?

Is this the precise point where you are happy?

If you are, then it is all cool. Don’t do anything. Don’t take action.

Don’t change!

But are you?

The fact that you reading this tells me that there I something about yourself that you want to change.

The guys over at Yummy Tummies are changing. They decided to take action and are feeling the benefits.

But if you are happy with where you are…


Lyndon “action taker” Littlefair


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