This is a little saying I saw on an London Underground poster and it is something that really stuck with me.

It is human nature to make things faster and easier.

Faster cars.

Faster planes.

Faster computers.

Faster mobile phones.

Everything is getting faster and faster.

First it was 2G, then 3G, then 4G.

People get more and more impatient if their latest phone download takes more 2 minutes.

And the tube?

People miss the tube and get so annoyed!!

Guess what, there is another one in 2 minutes.

This mad hectic pace of life can’t just get faster and faster. Or can it?

How long can we go on trying to speed things up until we self combust?

And with these increases in speed there is a correlating increase in stress related illnesses.

People are more stressed these days than ever.

The incident in health issues related to stress in on the increase.

The body is in a fight or flight mode from the time you are away to the time you go to bed.

Is this healthy?

You know the answer to that!

So today I want you to just take a breath.

Sit down somewhere and stop rushing around.

Take the time to just relax a little.

Allow extra time to get to where you are going and look around you.

Take in the view.

Take in a breath and slow down.

As Ghandi said ‘There is more to life than increasing its speed’.

Take care,

Lyndon “Taking it Easy” Littlefair