Yes someone once said that breathing is pretty important…

Ok, yes essential!

But did you realise how important it is in postnatal recovery?

I’m not just talking about in terms of getting air into your lungs but the relationship between the diaphragm and the pelvic floor muscles.

But, let’s back track a little…

Your whole mid-section is held together like a cylinder type structure.

The bottom of the cylinder is held up by your pelvic floor muscles.

The side’s are effectively your deep abdominals (your transverse abdominals).

The top is held on tight (hopefully) by your diaphragm.

This mechanism, when working effectively, works together to create and balance inter-abdominal pressure to support your pelvis and lower back.

Unfortunately when your abdominal wall is continually stretched over the course of nine months, this weakens your abdominal muscles. Not to mention the downward pressure on your pelvic floor during pregnancy and childbirth.

All of these things combine to make this cylinder type structure weak and not function too well.

However, the function of breathing can help to re-correct this.

When you breath out you are actively using your diaphragm muscles to help to push the air out of your lungs. When the diaphragm is being contracted and lifted, the pelvic floor muscles are also being contracted and lifted. This is what we call a reflective loop. That is, when one thing is working the other part should be also.

Unfortunately, this loop sometimes becomes disconnected throughout pregnancy and childbirth. Especially if there is any specific trauma to the pelvic floor muscles throughout childbirth.

The first step we need to do in any postnatal recovery programme is to re-connect this reflective loop. That is, get the pelvic floor muscles working in conjunction with the breathing.

This is the first step that we take in the Club Yummy Tummies programme. I talk you through specifically how to get these muscles working and integrate the breath in each and every movement.

This makes your recovery process a lot quicker and more effective than just kegals.

Why not check it out over here…Club Yummy Tummies.

At the moment I am offering a 7 day trial for a tenner.

Why not give it a go for 7 days and see what you think?


Lyndon “still breathing” Littlefair

PS Here is that link again incase you missed it…Club Yummy Tummies