Whenever I hear people talking about postnatal recovery, a lot of what they talk about is just surviving through the day.  Or in most cases the night.

They think that recovery is just about being up and about and looking after the little one.

But what if someone was to tell you that postnatal recovery is not just about surviving.

It is not just about getting through the day to get that first glass of wine into you.

It is more about thriving at this bloody tough time and getting yourself fit, strong and healthy enough to take on anything.

Postnatal recovery is not just about doing a few exercises to get your stomach flat or bring the separation back together.  That is a topic for another post…

It is developing a strategy to boost those energy levels, exercise in the correct way that doesn’t mess up your abdominals or pelvis and look at ways at prioritising and improving the quality of your sleep even when you are getting very little.

What you are eating right now has a massive influence or how much energy you have.  When you are knackered you will naturally reach for any sugar containing substance.
Your body just needs something to ‘pick you up’.

Does this sound like you?

But by planning your meals and eating you can regulate these blood sugar levels and ward off those cravings…hard but doable ( if that is such a word).

Also, by increasing the quality of your sleep by having a bath full of bath salts you will improve the quality of your sleep.  Bath salts contain magnesium which naturally lowers cortisol levels (the stress hormone).  The evening is naturally a time when cortisol levels should be decreasing.  Unfortunately, the little one generally has other plans on this one and tends to cause yours to rise.

An interrupted sleep pattern also tends to mess up these levels of cortisol in your body.  By giving your body a little assistance via a magnesium bath you may not increase the hours that you are sleeping, but you may improve the quality of your sleep.  You may even wake up feeling a little rested…

This is one such strategy that the Club Yummy Tummies members are using to help them recovery after having a baby.

If you want more help to recovery and get more sleep, why not check it out over here.

Good luck and go run that bath tonight!