Bum, thighs, abs, arms…and so the list goes on.


This is something that I get asked all of the time.  What is the best exercise for…?


…and I really want to answer that in the best way that I can, but the answer is.  Is this exercise the best for you right now?


For each body part there are literally hundreds of different exercise that you can do.  Then add in the different variations that you can do, then you add in the amount of load you can use (in the way you use that load). Then you add in speed, activation points stability focus, strength focus…shall I keep going.


The best question you need to think about is; What is the PURPOSE of the exercise?

What are you trying to achieve by doing that exercise?  What is the desired outcome?


By first asking this you can then start to work out which exercise to choose and most importantly, how you perform it.


But, let’s take that back even further.  We need to firstly determine if you have specific activation of that muscle in order to make it work.


For example.  In the Post Baby MOT one of the many tests we do is a Glute Sequencing Test.  In other words we get you lying on your stomach and get you to straighten your leg and lift it up.  What we are looking at (amongst many other things) is:

  • what muscles you use to lift the leg
  • how far you can lift the leg
  • the sequence of muscles which activate it in order to lift your leg up

During the postnatal period the glutes (your butt) tends to be switched off due an increase in forward pelvic tilt.  So what will happen during this test is that the hamstrings (back of your thighs) and your lower back will do most, if not all, of the work.  This movement is pretty important as it is the main action your leg performs every time you walk.


If you are just using your hamstrings and lower back the whole time then everything will just get tighter without even targeting your butt.


Likewise, if you are doing a squat, lunge, bridge, hip hinge or anything else you will find that your butt just doesn’t do any work until you have addressed this issue.  It is a matter of doing specific glute activation work first and then integrating it into the more general exercises.


Then we have to work out why your glutes are not being recruited in order to find a best solution for you.


This is why I don’t set programmes and exercises for people in a one to one setting until I have taken them through a complete Post Baby MOT.  That way we can determine the best exercise for you, performed in the correct manner to get the results that you are looking for.


It so happens at the moment, that I have some space opened up to take on a few more one to one clients.


If you are looking to get real lasting results and just don’t know where to start or want more specific structure to really help you, just apply to train with me here.


If you would like more information about the Post Baby MOT, then click on this link below:

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Good luck with it all and hopefully we can find the best exercises for you.


Take care,