I hope that you are all doing ok as you read this. The world has gone crazy and we are still trying to get our head around what the new normal is.

When you find it, please let me know what it is…

We at Yummy Tummies have made the decision to move all of our postnatal services online for the time being to help mums like yourself.

We are offering the following services online:

One to One Training

We simply use FaceTime or Skype to deliver our normal high quality sessions to our clients who are stuck indoors for the time being.

We will be teaching you key skills about how to assess your body and work out exactly what areas are working and what needs a little help.

From the initial Post Baby MOT we will be able to determine exactly where you are currently at and where we need to progress to.  We can then determine the best approach for you which will progress you safely and effectively towards your goals.


The good news about this is that we can now see you wherever you live and are not restricted just to the London area.

To keep you sane in these crazy times and to help you and guide you in your postnatal recovery, contact one of our team via the following link:


>>>>Yummy Tummies Trainers<<<<


Post Baby Kick-Start

This is our six-week postnatal recovery course run in conjunction with Camilla Lawrence, who heads up the Women’s Health Department at Six Physio.

The six-week course covers such things as sleep patterns, pelvic floor recovery, the correct exercises post C-section and how to progress your training safely and effectively.  It is not just about exercise.  Sure this is covered in lots of detail, but it is also about maximising your recovery using specific strategies which helps the body to heal and recover.

It involves a weekly virtual meet up to discuss the next component of the course as well as a 30 minute additional meet up to take you through specific exercises for you during this postnatal period.

All sessions are recorded to allow you to go over the information again and are designed to help you as much as possible.

Numbers are restricted to ten people to keep the quality of the course high so that you get the individualised attention you deserve.

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Small Group Personal Training

Designed for those who just wanted to get moving, this option gives you the chance to train with Yummy Tummies for two 30 minute sessions every week to get things moving in the right direction.  These sessions are short enough so that your little one doesn’t wake up (hopefully) but long enough to give you some good results in the postnatal period.

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In these crazy times, I hope that you are looking after yourself and I am here to help you.


If you have any questions about any of the above services, please just ask.


Good luck and stay safe,